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A Northwest Ohio Black Swamp Boomtown
Historical Photo of North Baltimore

Welcome to the North Baltimore Area Historical Society

The Society's mission is to discover, collect, preserve, and make accessible material that establishes or illustrates the history of North Baltimore, the surrounding rural Henry Township area including the hamlet of Hammansburg, and Oil Boom era communities such as Eberly and Denver which no longer exist.

We provide educational and archival resources for the community and others both now and in the future. The Society maintains its collections of historical artifacts and archives at the North Baltimore Area Historical Center at 229 North Main Street, North Baltimore, Ohio.

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Schedule a tour of the North Baltimore Ohio Area Historical Center by calling (419) 257-2266 or e-mailing

From March through December, the Historical Center is open 9 - 12:00 Tuesday mornings for unscheduled tours. During January and February, tours will be conducted by appointment only.

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History Speakers Available

The Society has developed a speaking committee. If you need a person to give a program at your organization, contact the center at (419) 257-2266. The head of this committee is Tom Boltz. Mr. Boltz has written several books about this area but would be glad to speak on any historical subject you choose.

Publications available from the Society


North Baltimore and Its Neighbors

This pictorial history includes over 200 photographs of North Baltimore and surrounding Henry Township from the early 19th Century to 1960.

North Baltimore and Its Neighbors - Thomas W. Boltz


North Baltimore's Great Fire of 1891

On the night of October 30, 1891, in the space of three hours, much of the Main Street business district of North Baltimore, Ohio, was destroyed by fire. This is the story of the fire and how it affected the town.

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Pioneer Days: A First-person Account by Thomas Witten

buffalo gnat

Thomas Whitten describes moving to Henry Township in the 1860s. Read Witten's account.

Pioneer Days: A First-person Account by Mary Howard Coleman


Mary Howard recalls her family's move to the area in 1830. They lived among wolves, bears, and cougars and saw the first schools and roads in the area. Read Coleman's story.

Pioneer Days: A First-person Account by H.C. D'Rodes

team of oxen

Henry C. D'Rodes describes the difficulties of the early settlers he personally knew in transforming Henry Township from Black Swamp wilderness into a settled community. Read D'Rodes' description.

Pioneer Days: A First-person Account by John Schatzel

John Schatzel

A recollection of Schatzel's arrival in North Baltimore in 1874--two years before the town's incorporation and the beginning of an era of economic growth. Read Schatzel's description.

Pioneer Days: A First-person Account by Samuel Slaughterbeck, Part 2

Samuel Slaughterbeck

Part 2 of Samuel Slaughterbeck's account, including stories of lost cattle, bear hunting, and the danger of being lost in the woods. Read Part 2.